Jackson Carpenter


Q: Where are you from?

A: I grew up in Batavia IL a small town west of Chicago where I stayed till I graduated High school and moved to Milwaukee WI to  attend Marquette University. But it didn't take me long to realize that the Midwest Urban environment wasn't for me and I made the jump to Portland OR I lived there for a while and then made the jump to my current hometown of Bend OR, which for me is heaven on earth. 

Q: What are you goals?

A: I desire to turn my passions into businesses that improve the lives of the people around me. 

Q: What are your passions?

A:  Adventure and exploration, whether that be on foot, by bike, motorcycle or truck I desire to continue to see the world around me and gain the perspective that comes by seeing and capturing new places.

Q:  Why should I hire you for  my businesses content creation work?

A: Because I live the life my photos portray, I believe that with my background in outdoor lifestyle the authenticity shines through and makes the content more engaging to your audience.